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Demo Party

Challenge register/join a group
! Free Style Capture the Flag !

1. You have to unite in groups of 6-7 freaks. (Pick a group name)
2. Arrive with your own Computer/laptop all set and running with
   whatever crap you're fascinated with.
3. Beside what ever OS and shit you're using, you must have a 
   legitimate HTTP server running on your machine, and a Valid 
   ICMP echo replay from your machine.
The goal is to deface a web server
            while your services STAY UP!!.
The catch, For defacing you have 2 minutes of fun that only the web is
reachable, between each 2 minutes, there are 8 minutes of hell that all
groups can reach each other for who the fuck knows what (if I where you,
I would defiantly set some D-DoS set for getting better up time then
others ;] ) It Will be a Rush :)
During the 2 minutes of grace you have for defacing, IPS/IDS will be
running so spear us with your crappy DoS and lame exploits.
1. You will receive electricity connection.
2. A network Cable connection to each (registered MAC) computer
connected to a switch.
3. Each register user will receive a registered valid IP address
Assigned to he's group that will be shifted to where ever.
4. This game is for 5 to 7 groups (so register already)
5. you will receive internet connectivity for what ever (don't think
you'll have time to chat ;] )

Winner will be the group that defaces.
IF none deface will be done, 
the highest score group is the group who's
services been up for the longest time.

! Rules Can and Will Be Changed !
sponsored by FortiNet
Prizes!!! at Midnight!!! by Aladdin, Mile2, SeeSecurity, Sweethome
- - -

connect to the LAN -
boast with ur demo!


פצחו את האתגרים

Hacktics Challenge - The good, The bad
and the GEEK in the middle
At last "Luftgescheft Royal bank" advanced to the 3'rd millennia, And now offers to its customers a rich and cool web-based application. Developed by the best programmers in the world (or not?!) its maybe the most secured and advanced banking application ever to be developed.
Can you beat the system? Will you be able to hack into our application and gain the wealth of the Luftgescheft people?!

משחקי רטרו - Retro games

* click/play
- על מכונות ששכחתם מזמן איך הן נראות

Sinclair ZX-81       ; Commodore Vic 20
Atari 800XL, Amiga 1200 and MORE
- - - באדיבות www.plonter.co.il

BBC Model B    Apple Lisa/Macintosh
also - Apple TAM (collectors edition)...

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