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wifi, rf, cellular...
The BlueTooth has a hole!
Dr. WorM digs into it...
dentist appointment at 18:00

Live Wireless Hack Demo - SeeSecuriy - 19:30

The attacker enumerates the wireless infrastructure and finds that the traffic is encrypted with WEP. The attacker attempts to crack the WEP encryption using a bruteforce method and succeeds. Now the attacker can see in clear text the traffic that he had collected. The attacker attempts to connect to the network but is unsuccessful due to access control lists per MAC addresses. The attacker spoofs his own MAC address to an authorized MAC he found in the dumped traffic and successfully connects to the wireless network. The attacker continues to break into several machines using several attack techniques until he locates his objective an steals/changes sensitive data.

בלי חוטים

הדגמת הונאות טלפוניות - בזק וסלולרי

הדגמת פריצות WIFI ו-BLUETOOTH

כך אנו מגינים על העולם החיצון מפנינו
Y2hacK4 Protected Campus

All outgoing communication will be inspected with

- Behavior protections: Icmp protection inside(flood, land, src session, seeps, large icmp, ping_death,etc), IP protections (stream, land, strict src record route, timestamp, unknown option, fin no ack, etc), boredom protections(port scan, syn fin, syn flood, etc.) TCP protections (dst session, land, no flag, winnuke,etc.) UDP Protections(dst sessions, flood, land, scans, etc.)
- IPS with 1850+ signatures will prevent any kind of exploitation on all allowed protocols.
- Antivirus for incoming and outgoing connection for HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols.
- Wireless hot spots will be protected with IPS and AV and non root access over Wireless interfaces.
- None inter wireless connection will be allowed.
- NO P2P Application protocols will be allowed (no bit torrent, edonkey, gnutella, kazaa, etc.) on all protocols.
- Gray ware protection on incoming and out going communication (no Adware, Dialers, SpyWare, Keylogers, Hijackers, Download trackers, etc.)
- Outgoing protocols for clients that will be RFC and AV inspected are HTTP(s), POP3, IMAP, FTP, DNS, MSN, ICQ, YAHOO and SMTP.
- All unencrypted passwords will be on the Wall of Shame.